Release Notes - V2.6

Our first release of 2021 is here!  Less than a month on the heels of our inaugural Augmentt Discovery Agent release, we have a new version!  This newest Discovery Agent supports automatic upgrades to ensure you don’t have to do any work to benefit from new releases.  This is the first and last time you’ll have to upgrade an agent, OK?  To do this, we’ll recommend that you fully uninstall the current Augmentt Discovery Agent and deploy the newest version 1.0.2.  You can download the very latest under Augmentt > Agent > Discovery Agent

Need some help with deployment?  You can reach us for assistance here:

🔧  Fixes

  • Resolved some SaaS applications that were being reported as undefined

  • Company selector selection resets when navigating to Optimize or Engage

  • Consistently prompted for EULA when 2FA is enabled

  • Secondary Users emails are not automatically verified

  • View total apps list may be blank

  • Pagination showing multiple pages when they can all be displayed on current page selection

  • Blank page can be rendered for Employees & Departments page

  • Pagination may not be displayed on Files tab

  • Subscriber may not be removed from Subscribers view

  • Current renewal date is not displayed when editing Contract Details

🌟  Improvements 

  • Our user matching algorithm has also improved for Agent-based data, we’ll keep making enhancements here!

  • Updated app Status label to “Approval Status”; better, right?

  • UI tweaks to Optimizes’ Financial Modeling pages
    Moved pagination options to the bottom of respective lists