I am pumped to announce yet another great release and a huge step forward for Discover. Here's what's included:

  • Desktop Apps Beta Agent

  • SaaS Activity is now visualized as a 30-day timeline (It's Gorgeous!)

  • Ability to Edit SaaS Master list right from Discover

Desktop Apps Beta

If you would like to participate in our BETA and help us test out the latest Windows BETA agent, please email roby.brisson@augmentt.com

Discover - User Activity Graph

Now you can at a glance see exactly how often applications are being used. 

Global View

You can view this at a global level for all apps...

Individual Apps

 Or for individual apps to see details for all users.  

Easier SaaS Application Edits

It's now easier to Edit an app for a specific tenant while in Discover.

Discover Application Filtering

Application filters have moved to the apps table for inline filtering of data. This matches how you currently do things in Engage & Secure.